"Spirals helped bring my personal brand from me being a robotic, script-reading face on a screen to an action-packed, dynamic lifestyle video content creator that inspires & excites my audience.

Not only have I been able to massively grow my views and engagement, but most importantly the consistency & routine I’ve developed has increased lead generation to my multiple businesses. I feel more comfortable onscreen than ever before now, thanks to working with Jordan."

Michael Ruiz
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Hi, I'm Jordan!


As a video coach, I help people create better authentic content and simultaneously build their new online businesses.

An avid video creator since I was 8 years old, I've always believed video creation to be a fast track to personal freedom--and in today's age of the digital creator, it's possible to expand that freedom into all realms of our lives... and it all starts with video!

Spirals grew from my clients needs for more than just personal coaching, like the manpower and creative energy that supports routine, consistency, and scaling their developed operations.

I run the Spirals team and I also help build & manage yours.

I'm looking forward to working with you!

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