"Spirals helped bring my personal brand from me being a robotic, script-reading face on a screen to an action-packed, dynamic lifestyle video content creator that inspires & excites my audience.

Not only have I been able to massively grow my views and engagement, but most importantly the consistency & routine I’ve developed has increased lead generation to my multiple businesses. I feel more comfortable onscreen than ever before now, thanks to working with Jordan."

Michael Ruiz
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Filmmaker, musician, writer, tech-tinkerer, web designer, and father Jordan Urbs spent years traveling to document uplifting projects and community efforts before he realized that rapidly-changing technologies could be the way to empower creators and inspire a new story for humanity.

In 2020, he started learning how to best harness open-source software to build brands and strengthen communities, simply & affordably. Spirals Activation is the result: services that empower individuals and communities in developing creative autonomy.

Jordan sees Spirals as the first step for creators to take back their online sovereignty in the face of increasing fees and privacy violation by big tech.

His long-term goal is to build a network of cross-promoting and independent content creators that acts as a global & decentralized media cooperative.