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Creator Activation Package

Spirals' Creator Activation website package is everything you need to share your mission, capture leads, and communicate with your audience.
Creator Activation Package
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$599 $299 one-time fee

Sometimes it can feel overwhelming to bring your online presence to life. In a world of increasingly-evolving technology, it can also be easy to lose yourself in the details of building a digital foundation for your business.

The Creator Activation website package is offered to solve all this, by offering you everything you need to share your mission, capture leads, and communicate with your audience without overcomplicating anything.

It's all-in-one, and the best part? You'll be able to manage it all yourself, keeping plenty of space to grow.

Scroll below for examples.

The package includes:

  • Professional, no-BS Ghost publication platform on your own domain*
  • Premium theme ($149 value)
  • Basic color scheme and styleguide, with optional logo (AI-generated)
  • Basic training for managing your website yourself
  • Built-in Newsletter
  • Built-in Memberships
  • Built-in Patronage Subscriptions**
  • 6-months free hosting ($90 value)***

*Domain registration not included.

**After 6 months, you have the option to switch to a Creator Hosting monthly package or migrate to your own host.

***Requires a Stripe account.

What is a "creator" (or "creator brand")?

A creator is one that harnesses the power of online attention and transforms it into revenue. This could be through monetization of content, digital products like eBooks or courses, coaching/consulting, and a whole host of other ways.

A creator's job is to create: content, products, courses, value. Once a product is finished, the creator's responsibility is to generate attention and push it towards selling that product.

For this reason, a creator must have a proper online presence, where attention can be channeled into leads.

Why is the website blog/publication based?

Your online presence should be more than a place to read your bio or see where you've been featured. Online audiences today are always seeking value; by consistently publishing quality content, you are meeting that need while also building trust with potential clients.

This is perhaps a new perspective on building a personal website. If you don't intend to commit to creating at least a little content every couple weeks, I recommend you look for a different service.

Why is a newsletter important?

A newsletter is not only the most powerful way to communicate with your audience, but it's the only way to own your audience. E-mail is the most personal way to share information with those important to you.

Meanwhile, to communicate with followers, subscribers, and friends on social media, you must engage the guidelines of the platform's algorithm and assume your account will not be censored or shut down for violating any rules.

The perfect all-in-one foundation for your online presence, audience capture, newsletter, and subscription offers.

Schedule a brief call with Jordan to clarify any questions you may have.


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Or schedule a brief call to clarify any questions you may have.

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Starts at $15/month. Includes: * Ghost platform * Mailgun outgoing emails * Updates & maintenance * Support Ghost is an all-in-one publishing platform
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